Ann Holland, wife of TSgt Melvin Holland is continuing to dig deeper into documents, interviews and wherever else she can find any information.  On June 19, 1996 Ann Holland testified before Congress.  HERE is her testimony. 

Melvin Holland's Passport photo 1967
Born 1/6/36 - Toledo, Washington
Loss date - 11 March 1968/Site 85
Phou Pha Thi, Laos
Personal description (1967)
Height 5'7" Weight 150 Lbs.
Hair - Brown/ Eyes Hazel
Wears corrective glasses
Partial upper plate. 
3rd tooth from center right side
Wife - Ann, 5 children & grandchildren
Any information on this man or other Live American POW's contact - American Defense Institute, 214 Massachusetts Ave., N.E. Washington, D.C. 20013, Phone (202)544-4704

Melvin Holland

November 1965

     Melvin Holland

  with his 5 children

  Veterans Day 1965

Melvin Holland

with his dog Kelly

August 1967

(Note: Light colored frame glasses)

Comment from Ann Holland:
"The first live sighting report I ever saw refers to a male caucasian wearing 'light color frame glasses'. as you can see, Mel's glasses were light beige plastic.  He had two pair - I got one back with his stuff.  Mel was the only one on the hill that even wore glasses.  Pilots always wore gold wire rims."

Two of Mel's friends also lost 11 March 1968 at Site 85

Willis Hall

Don Worley

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