Phou Pha Thi,

our home away from home

We arrived at Phou Pha Thi
and the TACAN was dropped
at the top of the mountain.  

The natives had taken about 20 meters off the top of the mountain to create a level place for the NAVAIDS equipment.  After dropping the TACAN, the Chinooks landed in a clearing about 1000 yards down hill.  

The Hmong had built a frame
and floor for the tent. They had
just finished pulling the canvas
over the frame (a 32 man tent)
the day we arrived for work.
A major chore out of the way.


The next major chore was
to lay the power lines UP
the hill to the TACAN.
With the help of the Hmong,
a path was cleared and
the cable pulled up.  

The jungle was pretty thick and
at the top, there were a lot of
rocks we had to climb over.

  Eventually all the cable is in place.  

Again, with the aid of the Hmong,
the three diesel generators
were put in their positions.  

Wally and Larry at the TACAN, Larry and myself at the generators... Fire one up and put Channel 97, code name "Clara", on the air...OPERATIONAL!!

Copyright 2002