Photographer facing north-east

Everything had to be perfectly level.

The base and pedestal for the Radar Dish weighed 2000 Lbs.

Billy O'Dell, Keith Johnson

Photographer facing south

Billy O'Dell

Robert Wood

Bill Boyd

Keith Johnson

Bob Destatte comments: "Twisted remnants of the steel girders for the ops van remained at the site when I visited the site in 1994 and 1998".  
[Source: e-mail Bob Destatte to Ron Haden 4 January  2003]


Photographer facing south
Keith Johnson
, Bill Boyd, Andy Born,
Billy O'Dell

Photographer facing south
Robert Wood
, Keith Johnson, Bill Boyd, Billy O'Dell, Andy Born


Decisions - Decisions

Note the spectators in the background


Photographer facing west
John Pritchett, Billy O'Dell, Andy Born (kneeling), Keith Johnson, Tom Flaherty, Bill Boyd. 

Lt/Col Farnsworth comments on this picture:
"This picture is most revealing.  Revealing in the fact that we could not keep any of the native population away from the area.  Look at the picture and ask yourself the obvious.  How many of the spectators were infiltrators?  My personal belief is that we were continually under observation and a summary of our progress was provided Hanoi on a daily basis.  Security was non existent."
{Source: e-mail Lt/Col Farnsworth to Ron Haden 24 Jul 2002}

Lt/Col Farnsworth comments: 
"As to emergency evacuation, I took several helicopter rides about the area talking with the pilots about an alternate pick up point in the event our site was overrun and we managed to escape.  We found an area in the vicinity of the range marker but it still appeared that pickup would always be chancy.  Remember, we had no weapons and these men had no training in E&E (Evasion and Escape).  As a crew member I had undergone extensive E&E training, knew the odds but felt an alternate pick up point would increase our chances.  I continued to voice my concerns about this and numerous other matters but they were ignored.  All of them! ". 

{Source: ltr Lt/Col Farnsworth to Dr. Timothy Castle 28 August 2000}


Photographer facing south

Assembling the Operations metal shelter

Andy Born

Photographer facing north-north-east

and the Maintenance and Communications shelter

Tom Flaherty, Billy O'Dell, Andy Born

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