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Additional information concerning Lima Site 85

List of Personnal

A tribute to "Lima Site 85" a poem by Judith Hartley

Memorials to "Combat Skyspot"

Additional Pictures and Videos

Ann Holland's page

Links to other sites concerning Lima Site 85 and POW/MIA issues

"Raid on Phou Pha Thi" by PAVN Major Do Chi Ben with maps

Photos reportedly taken by an American military officer as he
conducted an aerial reconnaissance of the TACAN/TSQ facility at
first light on 11 March 1968

Photos taken by the Pathet Lao after the attack on Phou Pha Thi.
These photos came from the Vietnam News Agency's photo archive,
which is located at No. 5 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.  

During JTF-FA Field Investigation JFA 94-4L a tunnel was discovered running
east-west on a north-south ridge just north of the Operations Van.

Here is the story of The Mystery Tunnel.

investigation of Lima Site 85, 14 March 2003

Video of Lima Site 85, released by CIA April 2009
This video was shot without lighting and is not good quality but it does
show the site and surrounding area

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