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This picture was taken by an NBC documentary crew in 1994

This picture was taken by an NBC documentary crew in 1994. Shows the reminants of AF equipment.

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Description of the
facilities at Site 85

Site 85 in 1994

Our presence was
still there in 1994

Enemy contact locations
1-29 Feb 1968

A portion of the
Ho-Chi-Min trail

Partially completed camouflage of the south side Still working on the camouflage Shown is the Communications trailer - small can sticking up is IFF Good picture of Site 85 showing the relative distance to the cleared out area designated as the Helicopter pad. Approximately 300 Yds. Good picture of the sleeping trailer and outhouse.  Trail down to Helicopter pad started left of outhouse.
Site 85 Partially Camouflaged Site 85 Camouflage
almost finished
Site 85
Site 85 showing
Helicopter pad
Sleeping Trailer
& Outhouse

Lt. Col. Clayton, by chance, was not on the mountain March 11, 1968

Lt. Col. Gerry Clayton returned to Site 85 in 1994 with the team searching for remains. A Pentagon search team was with the NBC documentary crew. TSgt Holland is one of the missing men, his remains or whereabouts are unknown Ann Holland is leaving no stone unturned to find out the truth

Site 85 Commander
Col. Gerry Clayton

Col. Clayton
at edge of cliff, 1994
looking for remains
T/Sgt Melvin Holland
Ann Holland, wife
of Mel Holland
The path leading up to Site 85 from the Helicopter pad.  Approximately 300 Yds. Site 85 check camo pic. Can you see it? NV commandos scaled this cliff March 11, 1968 Good map of Laos showing relative distances between Phou Pha Thi and Hanoi, Udorn. There were many days that Phou Pha Thi had cloud cover There was also beauty at Phou Pha Thi
Path to LS85
from Copter pad
Lima Site 85 from
cliff side, good camo
South East Asia Map
emphasizing Laos
Cloud shrouded
Phou Pha Thi
Rainbow at
Phou Pha Thi

Phou Pha Thi
The Sacred Mountain

Site 85 Location
in Laos

Only safe way to
bomb Hanoi

War spilling over
into Laos

Young Yia, Former
Gov Plain of Jars "SICK"

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