(Phou Pha Thi)

On a lonely "hill" in Laos, began a covert operation,
Known as Site 85, Phou Pha Thi, deny all publication,
Born in a shroud for radar A/C sent to aid the Corps,
In Vietnam, these planes would fly to help win the war.

They took the best to speed the quest and they dug in deep,
Did the brass deny the PAVN's plan to forge a one-day sweep,
"One day too late", we hear the shout, for that mighty loss,
For the eleven honorable men, their legacy became a cross.

What really happened that day when the onslaught began,
Nineteen men faced the enemy, a battle they couldn't win,
Why did a nation hide "the eleven's" fate, never to reveal,
What happened to the tried and true, there upon that "hill"?

Site 85 cries out to have all of its mysteries, now, revealed,
They tell us you are prisoners of war or that you all were killed,
Don't bury our heroes in your veil of bureaucracy and pride,
America weeps, as voices cry out, their spirits never died!

Judith Hartley Copyright © 2001,2002

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