Lima Site 85 Scale Model

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The history of the building of the Lima Site 85 scale model is quite interesting. I had worked on the design of both the MSQ-77 and the TSQ-81 as a mechanical engineer at the Reeves Instrument Corporation and was familiar with the history of the TSQ-77 sites. One evening I just caught the ending of a book review TV show where Dr. Timothy Castle was being interviewed. I realized that he had written a book which talked about a Radar System I had helped design. Unfortunately I did not get his name or the book’s name. I mentioned it to my two sons; I tried, but could not locate the book, since I did not know the title or author. My younger son, Fred, an attorney, had been a 1st Lt. in an M-109 Artillery Battery, and has always been interested in military history. He came across the book, Lima Site 85, while browsing at a bookstore and immediately realized that it was the TSQ-81 story. Both my sons read the book; my older son said he would love to build an HO scale model of the site. My older son, Michael, is a CPA; he is presently the Director of Finance of a magazine, and as an avocation an accomplished model builder.

Michael asked if I could obtain information on Lima Site 85. I contacted Dr. Castle and he put me in touch with you and your website. Based on the photos from the website and some information I gave him, he built the model. The model is scratch built using material normally used on HO scale train models. Based on some dimensions I gave him, he extrapolated the remaining details. It took him quite a long time to research information and to find some of the materials he used. It took him a much longer time to build the actual model. The model is built using sheet plastic, finding the right thickness to match the scale was a recurrent problem. He presented the model to me this father’s day and took the digital photos of the model you see.